Why Accounting Firms Need SEO

On-Page SEO

  • SEO Title: Your webpage title must have the keyword that you need to optimize for.
  • Meta Description: It is the summary/description of your web page that summarizes the purpose of your web page content.
  • Content: Google focuses more on content and only rank pages that fulfill user search intent. Your webpage must discuss the keyword you are targeting to rank and must be relevant and describe your firm’s purpose. You must keep your website updating by publishing quality and fresh content in the form of blogs, articles, videos, case studies, and others, as Google likes new content.
  • Internal linking: Internal Linking is about linking your website pages with each other so that your website pages are connected, which helps in ranking as a higher-ranking page linked with low ranking or new page. It helps promote that page.
  • Headings: Use proper heading titles like H1, H2, H3 with H1 as the top heading and others with subsequent H2 and H3 headings, giving proper structure to your site, and encourage the search engine to understand your content and provide value to it on the search engine.
  • Keyword density: You must use your keyword wisely in your content and don’t over-optimize your target keyword in your content. This is called keyword density; the ideal keyword density is once in 150 words content. Your keyword must appear on the first opening paragraph of the content to help google that the content is relevant to the target keyword.
  • Image optimization: You must optimize your images with alt attributes, which means alternative text, which helps Google to understand what the image about in case the images fail to load.
  • Slug: Keep your webpage slug short, and it must have the target keyword in it.




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